An Update on My Life

Here I am lying in my own bed in my own house on a block that overlooks downtown San Diego thinking about how God has blessed me with so many amazing materials, friends, family, and opportunity. It's definitely crazy to think that I have my own house now that I share with 5 other guys... Continue Reading →


Thoughts about Finishing my Second Year of University

Here are my thoughts about my second year of university.

A Break in New York City

Spring break is almost here. The month of February has been intense for me during university because I've been overwhelmed with endless amounts of work before the first half of the semester ends. Fortunately, I've survived what appeared to be myriad of exams, presentations, and papers. Coincidentally, the storm of work arrived the same time... Continue Reading →

My Time in Italy

Hope you enjoy my adventures in Italy!

Why It Took Me So Long To Create My Social Media Accounts

I simply never had a need for it. I would always see my friends face to face and there would be no need to connect with them, that is until I reached the age of 17. I created my Facebook account to connect with the friends I've made that were graduating high school and were at... Continue Reading →

My Experience With Theatre in London

Theatre in London

Pilgrimage To Canterbury To Write Our Own Tales

On the way to Canterbury to write our own tales.

Life In London

My experience of living in London for 4 weeks.

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